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Internet connectivity solutions for businesses

Internet connectivity solutions

With data consumption growing exponentially and a reliance on Cloud services, from software and storage to telephony and conferencing, the connectivity landscape is changing.

Whether you are looking for ultrafast broadband, connectivity for IP telephony, business continuity, failover services or even a temporary or short-term connection, we have a wide range of internet connectivity solutions to suit your business needs.

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Leased lines.

If you are looking for a dedicated connection, then leased lines are a great solution. 

A leased lines is effectively a private and permanent connection between two fixed points.  You won’t be sharing your bandwidth with anyone else, so you can expect guaranteed speeds (both upload and download) and uncontended capacity.

Connections are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, with an 6hr SLA for faults, so you have peace of mind when staying connected is key – and as we partner with a wide variety of market leading providers, we can find you the best price and service combination to meet your needs, whatever your location.


FTTP (fibre to the premises) use full fibre connectivity all the way to your door, with no reliance on copper for any part of the journey.

This means that you can benefit from ultrafast and future proof connectivity, as capacity can be increased at network level.

And with companies such as CityFibre leading the way in alternative infrastructure, gigabit connectivity is now a cost effective and realistic alternative to traditional leased lines.


SoGEA (single order generic ethernet access) is a new product that has been created in response to BT’s plan to shut off its legacy PSTN (or copper) network in 2025.

Unlike some older broadband products which needed a traditional analogue line, SoGEA, which operates using FTTC technology, is a data only connection – meaning there is no need for two separate services. 

Voice traffic for IP telephony is then simply activated on the line.


VoIP and SIP.

IP telephony (where voice traffic is converted and carried over a data network) offers business a huge range of benefits, but the right connectivity is key in ensuring call quality, capacity and stability.

Converging voice and data services reduces costs and enables superior functionality and flexibility to your communications infrastructure.

SIP trunks are the simple and agile way to deliver your calls and services when and how you want, whilst providing you with instant provisioning, reliability, business continuity and highly cost-effective telephony.

Short term solutions.

Working with our partners at Cloudcell, we can provide cost effective enterprise broadband to any location – land or sea!

Utilising LTE multi network mobile connectivity or hybrid technology, Cloudcell EQ can support users for all their usual day to day connectivity needs or can be used as an emergency backup where coverage may be patchy.

Quick to deploy, easy to manage, flexible and scalable, these short term or interim solutions (with contracts from just 30 days length) are ideal for temporary site offices, location-based projects, events and festivals or even as a failover provision.

Ethernet Leased lines

Access to all network providers for the best price

20MBps to 10GBps synchronous

Guaranteed bandwidth

6 hour fix time SLA

Free installation

100MBps service
from £175/month

Gigabit City Fibre

200 MBps Flex, 500MBps and 1GBps synchronous

Guaranteed bandwidth

6 hour fix time SLA

Free installation

200MBps service
(will burst to 1GBps when required)
from £199/month


Business grade services with low contention

Unlimited data usage

No analogue line required

Up to 1GBps download




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