Technology is making the 9-5 redundant

Technology is making the 9-5 redundant

The way a business communicates is changing. The modern workforce is also changing. The rise of the home worker and flexi worker means that current on-site technology has become outdated. Add into this mix the complex administration and limited multi device support available with in-house systems.

All of which equates to a business having to look at other solutions to their telecommunications.

A work-life balance is becoming increasingly important to employees, those companies that offer more than the traditional 9-5 will have the edge over other companies.

Employers offering remote and flexi working as an employment benefit will get best new talent, as well as keeping their staff motivated, who in the long run, will stay with their company longer. With millennials tending to job hop, employee retention is a major concern for employers.


The Cloud really does have a silver lining

20 years ago the traditional 9-5, in-office working culture was the only way to work, as no suitable or reliable alternatives were available to make any other working formats viable.

UK cloud technology adoption has grown by 75% since 2010. The swift rise and dominance of cloud technology has revolutionised the way businesses conduct their activities.

Cloud telephony systems, along with access to superfast broadband and increased mobile phone technology means the remote worker can stay in touch with the office as if they were physically in the office!

Without this technology, this beneficial setup would be much less viable for running a productive business.

As with any business costs are a major factor, adopting the above technologies for your remote worker is far cheaper than having to pay the overheads for an office based worker.

Along with other new technologies like AI, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality means the home worker has far more tools at their disposal than ever to do their job and remain productive.

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