Streamline your communications with Microsoft Lync

The ability to access all your company information from any device and any location is now available to all businesses. Unified Communications and Hosted (Cloud) services have long been championed, however, they have now come of age and businesses of all sizes are using them to streamline communications and increase productivity.

Alliance believes that every company, large or small, should be able to benefit from the latest communications technology and the best way of achieving this for many is with a Hosted Unified Communications service. Microsoft Lync is the next generation of unified communications software from Microsoft and helps employee productivity, enabling them to connect easily with others (internally or with clients) in different locations and on different devices.

  • One System
  • All Contacts
  • All Communications
  • Fully Synchronised and managed for you

There’s a lot of jargon and complexity in this industry with many interpretations of what ‘Unified Communications’ is. We believe it’s probably different for every business and our focus is to deliver the best Unified Communications solution that fits your requirements.

Why should your company embrace Hosted Unified Communications?

  • It’s Economical – Because Cloud providers host services for many companies costs are shared and businesses only pay for actual usage.
  • It’s Quick & Easy to Deploy – Basic Cloud services work out-of-the box. Cloud computing allows you to skip the hardware procurement and capital expenditure phase.
  • It’s Always up to Date – Reliable Cloud providers keep their software up-to-date and add new features as they become available.
  • It’s Scalable – Cloud Services can expand and contract to meet your needs. If your business is growing fast or has seasonal spikes, you can ‘go large’ quickly.
  • It’s Mobile – Cloud services can be used from anywhere, so your mobile workforce can share information just as though they were in the office.