SIM only contracts for Business? Yes indeed.

SIM only contracts for Business? Yes indeed.

SIM-only contracts account for 27 per cent of the market. This is predicted to hit 37 per cent at the end of the year according to analyst firm CCS Insight

More than a third of contract subscribers in the UK will be on SIM-only deals by the end of 2017.

CCS predicts SIM-only will continue to penetrate the UK market to eventually become the majority of all consumer contracts by 2021, at 54 per cent.

Apple and Samsung offer monthly payments for its devices. The Korean manufacturer launched its monthly scheme a year ago ahead of Apple. Due to the dominance of both firms in the UK, the giants could affect the growth rate if it expanded upon its respective programmes.

Significant growth will arise if providers flood the market with low-cost APR even free SIM cards. TalkTalk already adopted this strategy to attract and retain customers to its broadband and TV services.

Why should a business use SIM only packages?

More and more businesses are moving to SIM only packages for their mobile phones because of the flexibility it provides.

As employing staff becomes more transient businesses need the flexibility to cancel off services, or add services as and when required. A traditional 24-month contract model simply does not provide enough flexibility for modern businesses.

Not only that, the cost of Smartphones is ever increasing. The recently launched iPhone X is £999 and leading smartphones are now £400 – £500. Having these costs amortised over a 24-month contract length is becoming extremely expensive, with line rentals at £50 – £60 to cover these handset costs. For Businesses that have around 30 plus mobiles, this becomes a serious overhead with no flexibility.

The advantages of SIM only tariffs for businesses, are as follows:

  • No long-term contracts, just a 30-day notice period at any time
  • Any network available and the ability to have a mixture of networks on one account
  • Extremely low-cost tariffs with simple pricing structure
  • Unlimited free calls and texts
  • Any handset can be purchased
  • Automatic spend and data usage alerts
  • Complete flexibility for your business

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