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8x8 X Series

Voice, video, chat and contact centre all on one cloud platform.
Communications fuel the speed of your business. It’s time to turbo charge them with X Series.

Looking for a new phone system? Need a contact centre solution?
Want an audio and video conferencing solution?
Interested in a team messaging solution with one global directory that connects your existing messaging solutions so they act as one?

No matter what your communication needs are now, X Series has a service plan designed to meet them, while giving you an easy way to expand your communications options in the future.

Each service plan is designed for the different roles in your company so you only pay for the features each role needs. Because one size doesn’t fit all.

It’s all on one integrated cloud platform built for security and reliability.

Meet the X Series

Looking for a phone system that just works? How do you get a consistent voice experience over the internet? You don’t unless you have patented technology that optimizes how your call is routed and monitored across the internet. 8×8’s patented technology finds the best path and routes your call to the nearest data centre. Your call isn’t routed halfway around the world just to reach George in the office upstairs.

8×8 was born in the cloud and has invested over the past 17+ years to create a rock solid infrastructure that just works every time you pick up the phone. We believe that so strongly, we’ll provide analytics on every call.With X Series, you can instantly look at the call quality across your company, see any poor-quality calls and get immediate insights into the root cause.

How? Because we own the technology. Owning the technology is so important that Gartner has recently made it a requirement to be considered in its UCaaS research and technology provider comparison.

All X Series service plans are based on this patented, secure, reliable infrastructure.

Gain the edge using communications technology
Learn how fast-growing companies use communications to get ahead.

Service Licenses

The Lobby/Break Room Plan
  • HD quality voice
  • Extension to extension calling
  • Phone number and extension
The Employee plan
  • Communicate through the desktop app, mobile app or a desk phone
  • Unlimited FREE calls to local, National and Mobile numbers
  • Call recording
  • Power keys (busy lamp field—BLF)
  • Team messaging
  • Sameroom (cross-platform team messaging with Chatter, Slack, +20 more)
  • Single Sign-on
The Employee plan+
  • Unlimited calling to 14 countries
  • Host video and audio conferences for up to 100 participants, with HD quality, screen sharing and more
  • Personal call analytics
  • Integration with G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce and NetSuite
  • Business SMS
  • Internet fax
  • Call queues
  • Additional recording storage
The Global Caller Plan
  • Unlimited calling to 32 countries
  • Switchboard Pro
  • Additional recording storage
The Supervisor/Analyst Plan
  • Unlimited calling to 47 countries
  • Barge-Monitor-Whisper
  • Supervisor analytics
  • Call quality reporting
  • Additional recording storage

IP Agnostic Access

SLA for uptime and voice quality over the public internet

PSTN Access

20+ PSTN carriers to provide global coverage

999 Service

User updatable location information that verifies address information with the servicing PSAP provider

Geo Routing

Automatic localized signalling and voice

15 Data Centres

Top tier geo diverse data centres strategically positioned for global reach

Disaster Recovery

30 second failover between POPs


Single vendor with code scanned by VeraCode for code-based security

Audio and video conferencing solutions
Audio and video conferencing for up to 100 participants is included in X2 – X4 plans.

Deliver reliable, crystal clear audio and video conferencing
Web conferencing is enhanced through HD quality video and voice. Rest assured the quality will be ever-present due to our patented technology. Additionally, all your data is protected by the highest levels of security and compliance.

It’s like being there
If you can’t be there in person, this is the next-best thing. It just takes one click to join or start a meeting from your computer, mobile device or a conference room phone. Attendees don’t even need an app to join.

Connect decentralized teams
Bring people together to collaborate no matter where they are. 8×8 integrates with your calendar system so you can schedule a meeting with just one click. Share your screen instantly to get everyone on the same page. Record the meeting to reference later or to send to those who couldn’t make it.

8×8 Team Messaging with company wide collaboration
8×8 Team Messaging enables business collaboration by providing real-time team communication that scales from small to large teams. Built for company-wide collaboration, 8×8 Team Messaging enables business units, project teams and internal and external collaborators to share content and communicate as a team.
Providing a unified desktop and mobile experience, 8×8 Team Messaging transitions seamlessly between your desktop and mobile device, enabling you to work anywhere, from any device.

Real-time group communication for all employees
Using your identity and authentication management tool, all employees are automatically set up without extra steps to add or invite co-workers to the messaging app. This out-of-the-box, company-wide access combined with an intuitive user experience means employees can immediately start collaborating more effectively.

Share chat rooms across platforms
Different teams use different apps to support their specific workflows. Close collaborators in these scenarios have little choice but to use multiple apps, which creates fragmentation, data loss and poor user experience. With 8×8 Team Messaging, your teams can share content across applications, allowing teams who use different apps to stay in their app of choice while still collaborating as a group.

Case Study

Ecovision Renewable Energy


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