Why procurement of telephony systems can hinder a small business.

Why procurement of telephony systems can hinder a small business.

Procurement of systems can become a headache for the small business sector. Is it worth it? What are the other options?

The gap between business and personal technology no longer exists, the majority of us are comfortable being able to use a PC as we are with all the apps on our mobile phones. Technology has increased and simplified itself at such a pace, you have to wonder why some businesses procure technology systems that quickly become outdated, cumbersome and difficult to upgrade.

The small business sector is made up with a significant number of start-ups to year one businesses. These businesses want and need to grow; however, capital can be an issue. The best way to accelerate their business would be to avoid getting tied-in to any long-term contracts, whilst being able to stay in touch with the latest technological advances. Most small businesses work from small offices, so the space required by some technology systems can also be an issue.

Cloud telephony hosted by an external company is significantly more appealing than purchasing a rather large, in house PBX system. A business can also move technical support away from on-premise hardware to a virtual service delivery.

It is all about taking advantage of cloud-based technology to ensure that a business is not left behind by their competitors, don’t overspend on inadequate technology and don’t become irrelevant to their customers. On some level, this means creating a business transformation and channel partners that are ideally positioned to support them through this process.

And this is where Alliance come in.

We can offer a local and personal presence that is backed by strong national voice and data network partners, ensuring you get reliable ‘best of breed’ products and solutions, supported by the service and attention of a local business. Alliance is independent and will provide you with impartial advice on the right solution to meet your needs.

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