ISDN switch off. What now for business telecommunications?

ISDN switch off. What now for business telecommunications?

When ISDN launched back in the 1980’s, it was well-suited to a business. It could support early video-conferencing systems at the same time as an analogue phone line.

Like dial-up, ISDN is being replaced by faster and cheaper services.

By 2025 BT will shut down ISDN lines. It may seem like a long way off, but many businesses are using ISDN lines and should think about the next step with their communications now, rather than later.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is now being viewed as the new standard in communications. Using broadband connectivity, VoIP telephony will provide many modern benefits to businesses than the technology’s predecessors. VOIP offers many advantages, which are:

  • A reduction in costs. No costs associated with line rentals. Reduced call costs to all destinations. No expensive PBX infrastructure costs.
  • Functionality. Corporate level business functionality. Instant messaging, call and video conferencing. Outlook and CRM integration.
  • Flexibility. Unlimited users. Disaster recovery options. Access from multiple sites. An advantage to modern-day remote working practices, as VoIP provides greater mobility through workers being able to access VoIP from anywhere with an internet connection.

The world has seen a massive switch to the Cloud in recent years, of which VoIP is one. ISDN is now outdated and BT’s decision to phase out these lines makes sense. For example, with ISDN if your connection is down, it can take up to 24 hours to divert calls to a mobile. With VoIP it is instant. The reason being is there is no physical line, it is virtual, in the Cloud.

The change is going to happen, make the most of the time to become acquainted with all that VoIP has to offer. To find out how Alliance Communications can help you make the switch to VoIP, contact us on 01173 700 900 or email