Hosted VoIP benefitting from The Cloud

Comms Business Magazine recently asked whether The Cloud was having an impact on hosted telephony amongst UK small and medium businesses. Is the greater awareness of “The Cloud” having a pull through effect on hosted telephony?

Charles Alwyn from Voicenet provided the following assessment. With new services hitting the market all the time supported by better infrastructure and data connections, there is definitely momentum building – businesses are getting used to using a wide range of cloud based solutions such as CRM, storage, Mobile VoIP and so on, and Cloud based IT strategies are becoming the norm.

Hosted telephony is seen as a logical part of this trend. Increasingly, once customers have realised the value of a cloud based approach and have found a partner they can trust with their business applications, they want to make the transition completely, so they can get to the benefits of mobility, extra flexibility, home working, better resilience, remote DR, reduced or eliminated internal overheads.

A recent example of better infrastructure supporting hosted telephony services is Mobile VoIP and the proliferation of free WiFi. In the last few months we have seen that WiFi has become much more prevalent in our city centres and on local transport. The Borough of Westminster is now offering free WiFi for people to use in the streets and at cafes, this is therefore ideal for anyone who uses hosted mobile VoIP services. London Underground and Euro Star are now also offering extended WiFi services meaning that mobile users can make calls on the train when they don’t have mobile connection. This obviously was not the case five years ago, and with extended data connection expansion hosted telephony will continue to benefit.

At a tactical buying level, the cost benefits of being able to add advanced features, such as mobile call recording, call reporting or mobile VoIP on a low-cost zero capital expenditure basis are also beginning to be more widely understood and this is also accelerating hosted telephony adoption.

Source: Charles Aylwin, Director, Voicenet