Hosted IP telephony benefits compared to in house phone systems

Hosted IP telephony benefits:

Cost Efficiencies

Call costs:

  • Free calls to users on the same service
  • Highly reduced call costs to all destinations, especially mobile

Connectivity costs:

  • No need for multiple BT line rentals and installation costs
  • Standard ADSL or FTTC services sufficient to support IP phones with capacity for growth
  • A highly competitive range of Internet solutions for all your Voice and Data requirements

Infrastructure costs:

  • No Capital Expenditure required to invest in PBX (phone system) infrastructure.
  • A Hosted phone system that is fully managed for you.
  • No upgrades or maintenance required
  • No additional line cards, extension cards or software cards required for expansion
  • One integrated system across all sites


  • Voicemail
  • Hunt Me / Find Me
  • Unified Communications (Instant Messaging, Call Conferencing, Video Conferencing)
  • Presence and availability of users
  • Microsoft Outlook and CRM Integration
  • Customized individual user management
  • Call Centre applications
  • Reception applications
  • Remote phone features with soft phones and mobile apps
  • Web portal management


  • Unlimited users, a fully scaleable solution
  • Access your office telephony system from multiple sites – the internet becomes your telephony network
  • Any geographic number available for any location
  • Number porting
  • Full Disaster Recovery options
  • A future proof system for your business

Limitations and considerations of ‘in-house’ phone systems:

Cost Efiiciencies

  • Multiple BT lines required to support the phone system with associated installation costs and on-going line rental costs
  • Further BT line installation and line rental costs required for expansion
  • No free internal calls
  • On-going phone system maintenance charges with limited support options for site visits
  • The phone system, handsets and system cards become obsolete and ultimately difficult and expensive to support


  • Additional functionality is expensive to set up and enable on the phone system
  • Not all functionality is available on in house phone systems
  • No seamless upgrades to new functionality
  • Limited Unified Communications and advanced features


  • Expensive to expand with engineer visits required to install further line, extension and system cards
  • No disaster recovery or failover built into in house phone systems
  • Fixed to available numbers on local BT exchange
  • Expensive to link offices together
  • In house systems are not future proof and require on-going upgrades, maintenance and expansion, and will ultimately become obsolete as they are phased out for the latest model resulting in further investment in new systems

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