Fibre Connectivity Without the Costs

With the increasing adoption of Unified Communications, IP Phone Systems and Cloud computing, the requirement for fast, dedicated internet access with SLAs is becoming more and more important. The good news is that greater competition has significantly driven down the costs of traditional Ethernet connections and new services such as EFM (Ethernet First Mile) provide a more cost effective upgrade from traditional Broadband services.

Many businesses are now demanding higher standards in bandwidth due to their increasing need to protect mission critical data and to provide realtime information, but find the costs for these services prohibitive. EFM is broadening the reach of Ethernet lines to many more businesses by offering a low-cost broadband alternative.

EFM is a highly resilient bonded copper pair Ethernet Service, carrying higher bandwidth connections of up to 20Mbps to businesses without the need for costly end-to-end fibre and allows for improved performance monitoring and a better standard of QoS.

EFM provides significant cost savings by using bonded copper pairs as opposed to expensive fibre. The service bundles up to 4 copper pairs from the exchange to the premises to obtain the desired bandwidth throughput. Furthermore, if any of these pairs fail, the service adjusts the rate to a lower speed based on the circuits that are still running – avoiding a failure of the line as a whole.

Key Benefits of EFM:

  • The Guarantee of Bandwidth, no contention so businesses get the speeds required
  • Huge cost savings over Ethernet and leased lines
  • Future proofing, easy transition to next generation network technology
  • Up to 20Mbps upstream and downstream, higher speeds to cater for growing business demands
  • Lines can be delivered in 5 weeks, compared to months sometimes associated with new fibre installs
  • A guaranteed network connection with SLAs

Dedicated Ethernet services have also seen a significant reduction in costs and have therefore become more accessible to many businesses. Ethernet managed internet access is a highly reliable and flexible fixed Internet access service. Customers can choose any speed between 2Mbps and 1Gbps and have the guaranteed peace of mind of 24/7 support. A huge advantage of Ethernet is that bandwidth to the Internet can be upgraded or ‘flexed’ at very short notice within an access class. This offers peace of mind for when you cannot predict your needs.

Ethernet is ideal for customers who expect their capacity requirements to change or to grow quickly. A single router type is used to support each access class so customers can increase or decrease their internet bandwidth with no physical changes to the network. Therefore customers are able to ‘flex’ their Internet bandwidth, either up or down within the bounds of their access class.

Key benefits of Ethernet:

  • The Guarantee of Bandwidth, no contention so businesses get the speeds required
  • Flexibility, customers can easily ‘flex’ their internet bandwidth up and down
  • Efficiency, flexing is done quickly with no disruption to the network
  • Choice, speed availability between 2Mbps and 1 Gbps
  • Service, we manage all aspects of the solution from start to finish
  • Support, our highly trained support staff are always available to guide you
  • Management, benefit from rapid diagnostics and fault reporting
  • A guaranteed network connection with SLAs

Ethernet Service Features Include:

  • Network Terminating Equipment
  • Primary and Secondary DNS
  • RIPE IP addresses – up to 14 IP addresses are allocated within tariff
  • Network monitoring