Cloud based Telephony really can help a business

Technology. It is all around us to make our lives easier, more efficient and save time. Technology is a faced paced business and is constantly evolving. Who remembers floppy disks, photo developing, public phone booths and faxes? All gone, thanks to technological improvements.


So, with that in mind it makes sense for telecommunications to move from the traditional PBX (private branch exchange) onto a cloud based system. What exactly is the cloud though? The cloud is a system where telecommunications for a business are hosted by a third-party organisation.

The third party then delivers voice and data communications applications and services to the business. The business will only pay for services or applications they use, meaning a more cost-effective, reliable and secure communications environment.

If you ask any business owner, their main aim is for that business to grow and become a profitable organisation. Cloud based telecommunications are one avenue to help a business grow as they offer the following:

Efficiency: 71% of organisations worldwide rank it as a top area they hope to achieve through cloud technology. Efficiency is making good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any. The technology is simple to use and can be as bespoke as a business wishes it to be.

With more people working from out of the office, the cloud allows businesses to provide the tools, apps and software to anywhere their employees may be. As a result, increasing efficiency also supports business growth.

Customer Experience: Once a business becomes efficient then they can concentrate on who they are serving, the customer. The sound quality of cloud telecommunications is a vast improvement, how many times have you received a call and cannot hear them due to background noise so do not engage in conversation? The clarity leads to less wasted calls and greater productivity.

It is not just call quality, there are many other channels of engagement towards the customer such as reminder services or surveys via text. Analytics can also be produced to highlight areas of peak call times, call duration etc to improve efficiency.

A happy customer is also likely to return to a business to purchase other services they may offer.

Agility: Allowing IT to be more responsive to business needs and react faster to market changes, is a top technology driver for 66% of organisations worldwide. This is very achievable in the cloud environment.

Cloud technologies are also easier to enhance and swap out to accommodate changing business needs. It also allows a business to continue to run in the event of a fire, flood etc at their premises.

Cost: A key factor for any business. As the cloud is hosted externally there are no expensive installation costs as there are for traditional PBX systems. A business will also only need to pay for the applications they want from the cloud system.

Costs for calls will also be significantly reduced. These cost savings can then go towards other goals, such as increased agility and improved customer experience.

As you can see, all four elements work together to increase business growth, to find out how your business could benefit from Cloud Telephony call Alliance Communications on 01173 700900