5G Technology is coming……………………

5G Technology is coming……………………

How is your 4G signal? Not great? Well, the wait could soon be over as we will have 5G technology that is set to change our lives. From powering businesses, improving our homes and spearheading technological advances such as smart cities where devices are connected to each other, offering valuable data sharing to improve things such as traffic management

What is 5G technology?

5G technology is the next generation in mobile networks. Like 3G and 4G before it, 5G is expected to be better and more powerful than what we’re currently used to. 5G will use higher frequencies than the likes of 4G, which will logically offer more speed and higher bandwidth. This will mean download speeds are vastly increased.

As the network will have a bigger capacity than 4G, it means that thousands of devices in a small area can be connected at the same time. Ever been in a big crowd and unable to upload your latest selfie to Facebook? 5G should lead to the end of those offline periods.

When is 5G coming to the UK?

5G will happen, it’s going to take a while before 5G arrives in the UK. The UK rollout is set to begin until 2020.

Further advances have been made in the past few months. Earlier this year, Ofcom held a 5G auction, in which the operators spent a total of £1.35 billion in order to test their services on the UK’s airwaves.

O2, in particular, is testing 5G at the O2 Arena in North Greenwich. It is going to start testing the technology in small areas of the arena before rolling out to full coverage in 2020.

As Vodafone won the largest block of spectrum in the 5G auction, with testing in progress currently across 7 cities around the UK, including our beloved Bristol as this article explains in more depth.

The other benefits 5G will bring 

With all these powerful internet connections around, it’s likely there will be even more Internet of Things (IoT) devices taking advantage of this.

5G could even power things such as drones being used to deliver medical supplies.

According to O2’s smart cities report, 5G could save households up to £450 a year on bills ranging from energy to food. Things like smart fridges will reduce food bills and 5G-enabled smart grid will cut down on your energy bills.

All in all, this technology will herald a new age in technology, another “industrial revolution”